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Police recover more empty beer cans

The perpetrators of New Brunswick’s big beer heist have popped a few cans of the stolen suds, but they are either remarkably temperate or very tidy.

Sgt. Gary Cameron of the RCMP said Monday investigators are following a sparse trail of empties that have been found between Fredericton and Grand Falls, N.B., which is where the shipment of 50,000 cans of Moosehead was stolen last week. Police are still looking for the shipment and the driver of the rig that was carrying the beer.

There was a break on the weekend with news that two empty cans of the missing beer were found along a sidewalk in Fredericton.

Cameron said two more cans were found north of the city. He said one was empty, but the other was intact.

The stolen cans, which were supposed to be shipped to Mexico, are easy to spot because they have Spanish words on the label.

"It is giving us a lot of information but also a lot of different leads in different directions, and that is making it hard," he said.

"It’s not like they’re in one location. It looks like they’ve been in a few different places in the province, but always along the route between Fredericton and Grand Falls."

The unusual label will make it tough for the thieves to unload the beer in the Maritimes, Cameron said.

That’s why police are asking people to report any suspicious cans of beer.

"More than one or two people know about this," he said. "You wouldn’t want to be caught with one of these in your possession without having called the police. It’s possession of stolen property."

Cameron said investigators are checking dozens of tips that have been reported since the truck was found abandoned in Grand Falls a week ago.

The shipment of 4,000 cases would be worth more than $75,000 if sold retail through the New Brunswick Liquor Corp.

The cans were being shipped in a Brenway Transport 18-wheel truck from Fredericton to Toronto. From there, they were to be distributed to Mexico through the United States.

Truck driver Wade Haines, 30, is still missing.

Chris Morris

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