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Drivers in the drink after beer truck flips

A truck hauling 2,000 cases of beer flipped over and unleashed a sea of suds onto Canada’s busiest highway on Wednesday, in a scene that could have been lifted from the Canadian cliche handbook.

The early morning accident brought rush hour traffic to a standstill on highway 401 in north Toronto, as rescuers worked to free a woman trapped in the small car that collided with the tractor trailer.

"Believe it or not with this crushed car, the young lady driving it is going to be okay," Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Cam Wooley told CP24 news.

"We’ve got sand down now absorbing the beer," he added.

In Canada, beer is closely co-advertised with the national obsession of hockey and an enduring national stereotype is the McKenzie brothers, the 1980s-era comedy team of Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas who swilled beer and ended every sentence with "eh?."

Police said the beer-soaked sand would be scooped into bins and returned to the supplier for destruction.

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