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New beer bottle to help cut down on litter

Consumers - for whom size counts almost as much as saving the environment - will soon be able to buy returnable 330ml beer bottles from SA Breweries, with each bottle carrying a deposit of 80c.

SAB communications manager Michael Farr said the bottles, which would be introduced in three of the company’s core brands, would provide value for money at between R4 and R4,30 a serving.

The non-returnable 340ml, which Farr said offers "only a few sips more", sells for at least R5 and there is no deposit.

’Value proposition’ He said the new 330ml bottle would have a "far greater impact on reducing litter".

Returnable bottles can be used 20 times before they are discarded for being "too scuffed".

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"Given that a sizeable proportion of South African households are without formal refuse collection, consumables that allow a package return are particularly important".

Farr said SAB’s consumer research showed there was a demand for "value proposition" bottles.

The larger returnable 660ml bottle was introduced last year for two SAB brands. "People attracted to that would also see the value in a returnable 330ml bottle," said Farr.

The new bottles will be available in Johannesburg at the beginning of August and in Cape Town in mid-September.

Farr said SAB would continue to produce the 340ml non-returnable bottle.

He said the 340ml bottle was a "South African standard" and that the slim, more elegant 330ml was popular internationally.

Anel Powell

Iol - 3 August 2006
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