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IBS Creates Information System for Heineken Brewery

IBS, a leading company in the Russian IT and consulting market has created an information system for Heineken Brewery, one of Russia’s leading beer producers. The system, based on the 1S Predpriyatie 8.0 (1S Enterprise 8.0) platform will support the client’s human resources management, personnel record keeping and wage calculation.

The decision to implement the new human resources management system was made because the previous system no longer satisfied the users’ needs and the requirements of its management. The old system produced uncoordinated information that was spread over several unsynchronised databases, making the personnel data management and consolidated reporting both complex and time-consuming. Based on the results of a tender for the contract the design and implementation of the new information system was awarded to IBS. Amongst other companies competing with IBS for the tender were some of the largest 1S franchisees from St. Petersburg.

IBS was favoured due mainly to its expertise in designing systems for personnel records and wage calculation based on 1S and SAP platforms (for such companies as Tyumentransgas, Mezhregiongas, FK URALSIB and IBS), as well as to its experience in designing corporate information systems for branches of international corporations, including FMCG companies. IBS’ expertise in integrating different-type systems in large companies with widely distributed affiliations also played an important role. A typical solution for Wage and Human Resource Management was selected, based on the 1S Enterprise 8.0 platform. This solution provides users with basic functionality whilst being a cost-effective product that meets fully the requirements for doing business in Russia. IBS specialists adapted the system to suit the Customer’s specific requirements and commissioned it for industrial application.

Within the scope of the completed project, IBS has automated human resources management, personnel record keeping, and wage calculation processes for OOO Heineken Brewery and Heineken Commercial Service in St. Petersburg. The system is currently available for around 50 active users, and this number will increase up to 100.

The implemented system is an effective tool for making prompt decisions in human resources management that allows users to reduce man-hours employed for data input, analysis, processing, and for internal and external reporting. As a result, personnel management processes (personnel plan maintenance, recruitment, training and certification of personnel, and compensation accounting) were automated, costs of personnel record keeping were reduced, and the wage calculation process was simplified.

It is planned that the solution, which has been developed, will be introduced at other Heineken Group breweries and trade missions throughout Russia. Further, the IBS-developed system based on the 1S Enterprise 8.0 platform will subsequently be integrated with Heineken’s own accounting system based on the SAP platform.

Ilya Kraytchik, Director of the IT Department at Heineken, Russia commented on the system implementation and its success: ”IBS’ systematic and comprehensive approach in realising their corporate information systems projects is very important for us. Unlike smaller companies that implement 1S, IBS has an effective methodology for managing projects, as well as experience in developing management systems for large companies. Through the experience of the consulting company and the application of modern information products we have both formalised and optimised our business processes associated with human resources management, personnel record keeping and wage calculation”.

Russian Newswire - 2 August 2006
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