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Bush Beer

Q. Is it all rice malt?

A. No, I believe the FDA allows a certain amount of "impurities" in rice malt - up to 10 ppm of "rat (and misc rodent) hair", 200 ppm of "corn dust", 50 ppm "beechwood sawdust". Rice Malt is very difficult to make, of course, (only A-B and Mitsuibishi know the formula) but the junk they use in the beer isn’t 100%. I think they add water, too.

Busch Beer was called "Busch Bavarian Beer" at one time, but after the Berlin Wall fell, the Germans sued them for slander. Anhueser-Busch then tried to buy the mountains (for a theme park), but only succeeded in buying the recipe for "Bavarian Cream Pie". "Busch Bavarian Cream Ale" was in test markets for awhile in the 80’s when Genesee Cream Ale got big among the young folks, thanks to the fact that Rev. Sung Yung Moon owned the brewery and it was manned by "volunteers".

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