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Brewery, telecom leading in promotion campaigns

More than VND523bil was spent by Vietnamese enterprises on sales promotion campaigns in 2006. Brewery, food, telecommunications companies and banks spent the most.

The figure was released by the Ministry of Trade (MoT) on January 18. In 2006, the ministry licenced 357 sales promotion programmes worth VND523.3bil ($32.70mil), an increase of 31% in quality and 19% in terms of total value of awards compared to 2005.

According to MoT, the sales promotion programmes have become bigger and bigger. The 10 biggest sales promotion programmes alone were worth VND168bil ($10.5mil), accounting for 32% of the awards’ values given in 2006.

The Vietnam Brewery Joint Venture spent VND32.33bil in 2006, leading enterprises in Vietnam in sales promotion programmes. The other enterprises topping the list are Dai Viet Trading Company Ltd (VND26.55bil or $1.65mil), Dutch Lady Vietnam Food and Soft Drink Company (VND26.36bil or $1.64mil), Coca Cola Vietnam (VND18bil ($1.12mil), the Inter-provincial Telecommunications Company (VND16.68bil or $1.04mil), PepsiCo Vietnam (VND13bil or $0.81mil), HanoiMilk (VND11.56bil or $0.72mil), the Bank for Development and Investment of Vietnam (BIDV) (VND10.003bil or $0.62mil).

MoT said that last year, several sales promotion programmes were not transparent, which has caused disputes between enterprises and customers. An official from MoT said that the ministry would keep strict control over sales promotion activities; however, it would also give more autonomy to enterprises.

Phuoc Ha

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