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I like Budweiser

Now wait before you condemn me...

It all began 30 years ago when I first tried Bud. I thought it was vile.

No body... certainly not enough to carry the bitter lack of satisfying flavor. Oh, it had flavor but it wasn’t good. Then I noticed that no matter where I went I always saw Budweiser served or available. I started seeing it all over the world. So I had an idea. Since it’s a consistent beer that is available in practially every 7-11 on earth, from the highest class where pro wrestlers shop and low life places where I shopped, I thought I’d teach myself to like it.

I sat down a couple of times and drank it until I liked it. It happened just like that. Soon, I was liking it. Soon I liked it better than the too heavy or too sweet or confusingly bitter overpriced bullshit exaggerated imports. I started calling it my favorite beer and it still is. I also love Michelob.

You see, I’ve long since discovered that it was the Bud that was bad those 30 years ago, it was me. I was not smart enough to know it was the best beer on earth and that is why it was everywhere. People demanded it. BTW, those triple priced imports do not cost any more to make than Bud.

Bud tastes good, it has a born on date so you get an idea of freshness, it’s not overpriced, it’s everywhere so you can have it here or in Vietnam or France or Alaska. It has a good high. And it tastes good with food.

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